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Why should I outsource my billing needs?


By letting us handle insurance matters, you free your staff to spend more quality time with patients. You no longer have to worry about payment delinquency. We make sure that all bills are paid in full by the proper deadline.

Some specific benefits of outsourcing your billing needs include:

  • No more worry about software, maintenance, and training expenses.

  • No uncomfortable arguments with insurances companies in front of patients.

  • No risk of your Biller suddenly quitting, leaving you high and dry.

  • No need to rush and retrain an employee for the now empty position.

  • No need to fret over your Biller's lack of experience.

  • No need to provide benefits such as vacation, sick days, holidays or insurance.

  • No need to provide uniforms, computers, work stations, and many needed supplies to an in house biller.

  • No need to pay expensive social security taxes for another employee.

  • No need to have the space needed to store all of your patients' encounters/superbills as we do this for you, for 7 years by law.

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