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What information must I provide?

In order to promote accurate and complete data entry, we require the following information for each patient:

  • A complete demographic sheet on each patient seen
  • Documentation of any time of service payments received
  • A copy of insurance card(s) front and back
  • Auto accidents need a claim number, policy number and date of injury
  • Work Comp. claims need a claim number and date of injury
  • A copy of the report
  • Any Referrals
  • A charge sheet

In addition, we require a list of all patients seen during each month. We will cross-reference all patients to ensure that all patients are billed. Your Data can be sent to us via fax, mail, or direct pick up (within 10 miles from our office).

What is your billing and collection procedure?

Billing Procedure

Once our office receives patient information, claims are sent out with in 24 hrs. Electronic submission is utilized for Blue Cross Blue Shield of Illinois, Medicare, Medicaid, and most Commercial Carriers. A copy of the billing report is attached to all paper claims for faster claims processing. Our mail is processed on a daily basis to allow for a faster turn around time and payment collection.

We offer the option of directly depositing payments into your bank account. If you choose this feature, we do ask for the appropriate deposit slips and a "For Deposit Only" stamp. Our office has no access to your account and all information is kept confidential. If you decline this option, all checks from insurance carriers and patients will be directed to your office.

Collection Procedure

Insurance Collection begins 30 days after a claim is sent out. The insurance carrier is contacted to determine if there will be any delays in payment. If additional information is needed to process the claim, we will contact the patient directly. We send out statements on a monthly basis to payments with outstanding balances. These statements are color-coded to draw attention to our collection notices.

What information can I expect to recieve from Magda's Billing Service?

We also provide monthly billing and collection reports in the following formats:

  • Practice analysis- Itemizes all procedures billed and all payment received for the month.
  • Patient Aging- Provides an aging detail from the date of service.
  • Aging is done by Current, 30, 60, 90, 120 + Detail
  • Practice Aging by Provider- Details which accounts are still outstanding for the practice by primary insurance, secondary insurance and self-pay accounts.
  • Patient Referral report- Lists name of referring physician as well as the patient(s) referred. Very helpful in marketing.
  • Billing Payment Status Report- Provides a detailed history of each patient including: the procedure done, amount primary paid by insurance, the secondary amount paid, the patient payment, as well as the adjustment. It gives the balance due on the account for the date was printed.

Magda's Billing Service can also work on your collections from previous billing service at the same rate as your new business.

We would require the following data from you.

  • Demographic date sheet that shows patient address, phone and insurance details.
  • Itemized patient ledger that shows all charges and payments received on account with balance due now.
  • Patient aging report
  • EOB from the last 12 moths.

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