Magda's Physician Billing Services can offer you a low-cost alternative to traditional medical billing companies, and relieve your staff from the burden of payment collection. We are a small locally owned company in Frankfort, Illinois. Our mission is to provide efficient, accurate billing services to medical facilities throughout the greater Chicagoland area.Are you tired of dealing with delayed bill payment due to inputting mistakes, red tape, and staff turnover? Have you considered other medical billing companies only to be turned off by high processing fees and overdue fines?

Magda's Physician Billing Services is owned an operated by Magdalena Schanck, CDC. Mrs. Schanck holds a diploma from AMS Medical Billing School, and a certificate in Dermatology Coding from the Inga Ellzey Dermatology Institute. In addition, she has worked in the medical billing field for 15 years. Her experience includes all aspects of medical billing for family doctors, dermatologists, podiatrists, opthamologist, rheumatologists, nuclear medicine, MRI facilities, and contemporary medicine. The software we use is of course HIPPA LAW compliant. Mrs. Schanck is also bilingual and speaks both English and Polish and can handle a Polish speaking practice as well as an English.

Mrs. Schanck is also an appeals specialist and a MEDICARE consultant.  Also available EHR and medical transcription services.

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